Today we are highlighting Chad, the mastermind behind StrongerThan – Wellness & Defence. I went to Chad’s fitness studio and learned a little more about his mission and what really sets him apart from other personal trainers in the area.

StrongerThan – Wellness & Defence is a personal training and self defence gym in Tempe Arizona. The main goal is to gather a deep understand of your health and wellness goals and then come up with a customized action plan to help you live a confident and healthy life.

Chad and I got along right off the bat, he’s so positive and easy to talk to. When he was telling me his story I was really moved and could understand why people speak so highly of him. I initially thought that I was walking into your typical personal trainer experience… but I was wrong.

About Chad

Chad had been on his own personal fitness journey for years before graduation from ASU. He immediately got into law enforcement with the goal of helping people. The law enforcement background will come in later, but I believe it’s one of the key factors that helps StrongerThan – Wellness & Defence stand out from the rest.

After working in Law enforcement, he began offering his knowledge to clients and realized that a lot of people (women in particular) don’t have “calm confidence” when living their regular lives.

Calm Confidence is having the ability to feel calm and confident and handle any situation.

The combination of health and wellness with self defence is perfect for Chad’s mission of helping people live happier and healthier lives.

Why people love StrongerThan – Wellness & Defence

Chad has a unique skill of asking the right questions and digging deeper in a way that doesn’t feel pushy or intrusive. I think this is the background in law enforcement. Towards the end of our meeting he had me going on a long tangent about my goals and where I want to be in my life. The digging really helped me think hard about what I was working on. This provided so much clarity.

This skill is important to make people feel heard and understood. When Chad does this with his clients, he is able to get to their root goal and customize everything to work for them. Very different from the approach that personal trainers in the big gyms take.

Because of this skill, his clients love working with him, and they get REAL RESULTS.

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The way that Chad focuses on improving his clients life is unmatched. I can tell from talking to him that he really cares about everyone that he works with and he’s a very result driven guy. If you’re not getting results and you’re not happy, he’s not happy.

I think the problem that most people have with typical personal trainers is that the goals aren’t aligned. The personal trainer wants to get you fit and generally your goal is a lot deeper than that. It might be to have energy to play with your kids, it might be being able to lift something heavy in the grocery store, it might just be not feeling in pain day-to-day. And Chad digs deeper with his clients to figure out exactly what the goal is and make sure that he aligns with that goal.

If you’re looking for somebody in Tempe Arizona to work with on your personal fitness, health and wellness, and self-defense goals, I would definitely reach out to Chad.

His approach to wellness is definitely harder for him to sell, but it’s genuine and it’s real. You don’t find very many people like that nowadays.