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Shopping and supporting local will have a huge impact on our economy.

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More thriving local businesses = a thriving community.

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The businesses featured here are our friends and neighbors. Let’s support them.

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Why Support Local?

Our local businesses do so much more than sell a product or service. When you shop local, your money is more likely to stay in the community. Keeping money in the community improves our local economy.

Did you know that 50% of the Phoenix job market is supported by local businesses? When these businesses dry up, so do the jobs…

Typically you’ll receive better customer service from the local business owner who genuinely cares about the community. Local Business owners really do “por their heart and soul into their business.”

By choosing to support local, you do more than just buy a product or a service—you become a part of someone’s dream. You help a child go to dance class, a family to put food on their table, and you invest in the uniqueness of your community. You stand against the tide of homogenization, choosing a world rich in diversity and human connection.

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