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Our Goal is to highlight local businesses in the Valley to help locals buy and support local.

Today, we are shining a spotlight on Nicki Fit A to Z, a distinctive fitness coaching service passionately led by Nicole, a Scottsdale local who is deeply committed to empowering women, particularly those over 40. Nicki Fit A to Z stands out for its approach to fitness and wellness, focusing on at-home workouts that require minimal equipment, making it ideal for beginners, seniors, or anyone returning to a health-focused lifestyle after a hiatus.

About Nicole

Nicole’s journey into the fitness industry was sparked by her own life challenges, including a divorce, which led her to discover the transformative mental and physical benefits of exercise. Since 2014, Nicole has dedicated herself to coaching women, aiming to make fitness accessible and enjoyable, even for those who may feel uncomfortable in conventional gym settings or have had negative experiences with fitness programs in the past.

Client Success at Nicki Fit

A key component of Nicole’s success with her clients is her focus on strength training to manage and reduce joint pain, enabling them to return to their favorite activities with confidence. Through nutrition coaching, she also guides clients in making healthier diet choices to support their overall health goals, emphasizing the importance of nutrition in achieving and maintaining fitness.

A big part of succeeding on a life changing journey is not doing it alone.

“I am excited to announce a new offering I am launching in March, a monthly event where all clients, whether I coach them online or meet with them in person, can come together for a community workout via Zoom followed by a group discussion where a specific topic will be discussed each month. This will be an opportunity for everyone to come together live and hopefully build stronger connections with each other.”

The Nicki Fit mission extends beyond individual coaching. Nicole fosters a supportive community through a Facebook group, where women can share experiences, challenges, and victories in their health and fitness journeys.

For those interested in starting their fitness journey with Nicole, or for anyone seeking to overcome fitness plateaus with a supportive and knowledgeable coach, Nicki Fit A to Z offers a welcoming and empowering path forward. Nicole’s story and the success stories of her clients are a powerful reminder that with the right guidance, community, and personalized approach, achieving health and wellness goals is within reach for every woman.