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Zingara Market's Mission:

At Zingara Market, we celebrate the spirit of community and culinary excellence. Founded on Hera’s rich heritage in Southern Italian cooking and her journey through diverse cuisines around the world, our mission is to offer a warm, inviting gathering space where everyone feels like family. We are dedicated to providing a memorable experience by meticulously sourcing the finest ingredients, crafting homemade specialties, and fostering a place where locals can connect over the joy of shared meals.

About the Owner:

Born in Brazil but raised by restauranteurs in southern Italy, Hera lived and traveled throughout a few places across the globe before her family finally settled in Scottsdale in 1993. A love for cooking and the diverse cultures and foods she experienced across Europe inspired Hera to create her own unique morning gathering spot, mini market and wine bar. And that’s how Zingara Market in Scottsdale was born.

Zingara Market

Zingara Market in Scottsdale, Arizona, stands as a testament to the beautiful blend of authentic Italian cuisine with a modern, community-focused dining experience. This unique establishment isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a cozy gathering spot, a bespoke market, and a sophisticated wine bar all rolled into one. Owned by Hera, whose childhood in a family of Italian restaurateurs deeply rooted her passion for diverse and rich culinary traditions, Zingara Market embodies her love for cooking and community.

From the moment you step inside, Zingara Market offers a casual yet inviting ambiance that makes it the perfect place to unwind with friends or family. The interior marries rustic charm with contemporary comfort, creating an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and conversation. Hera’s dedication to her craft is evident in every detail—from the carefully curated menu items to the selection of unique, organic ingredients and artisanal products available for purchase.

The menu at Zingara Market is a reflection of Hera’s global experiences and her Southern Italian upbringing. It features a wide array of choices that cater to any time of the day. Breakfast lovers can start with a handcrafted coffee paired with homemade pastries, while the lunch menu offers fresh, grab-and-go options for busy patrons. As evening falls, the space transforms into a cozy dinner setting where guests can enjoy specialties like the Polpo, a Spanish octopus dish, or the indulgent Wagyu Cheese Burger, each paired beautifully with selections from the extensive wine list.

Zingara isn’t just about dining; it’s about the experience. The market side of the business offers bespoke gifts and specialty foods that invite patrons to take a piece of their visit home. Whether it’s a bottle of fine wine or artisanal cheeses and meats, every item in Zingara Market is chosen with care and attention to quality.

In essence, Zingara Market is more than just a place to eat; it’s a community hub that celebrates the joy of shared meals and the warmth of good company. It stands as a beacon of local pride and culinary excellence in Scottsdale, inviting all who visit to return not just for the food, but for the feeling of belonging.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely adore Zingara Market. Every visit feels like a little escape to a cozy corner of Italy, right here in Scottsdale. What truly makes Zingara stand out to me is its seamless blend of authenticity and innovation. The menu doesn’t just cater to traditional Italian palates; it creatively integrates global influences that Hera has embraced throughout her culinary journey, providing a unique dining experience each time.

The atmosphere at Zingara is equally impressive. It’s rare to find a place that feels like both a trendy spot for a night out and a casual setting for a comfortable meal with close friends or family. The warm, inviting vibe is perfect for a leisurely dinner, a quick coffee, or a special occasion.

One of my favorite aspects of Zingara Market is its commitment to quality and detail. Whether it’s the selection of organic ingredients, the sourcing of specialty products for the market, or the care put into each dish served, everything is meticulously chosen. This attention to detail is palpable in every bite and every moment spent in the venue.

Additionally, supporting a locally owned business like Zingara Market adds a layer of satisfaction to every visit. Knowing that dining here supports not just a local business but a dream and passion for connecting people through food enriches the experience. Hera’s dedication to crafting a space that fosters community and celebrates food is evident, making every visit to Zingara Market truly memorable.

Where is Zingara located?

Zingara is a locally owned and operated italian themed Coffee shop, Bespoke Market, and Wine bar in Scottsdale Arizona. Zingara Address: 11475 N 136th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85259

What kind of food does Zingara serve?

Zingara has a giant menu with a variety of choices. The dishes are Italian themed with a lunch, dinner, and grab and go category. Inside Zingara, you'll find coffee and wine options as well. Some of the most popular items include the Wagyu Carpaccio, Steak Au Poivre, Polpo, and the Statler Chicken.

Does Zingara Accept Reservations?

Yes, Zingara does accept reservations. It's actually encouraged. you can make your reservation for Zingara by going to their website.