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Wellness Wholistics's Mission:

At Wellness Wholistics, our mission is to help clients get their health back on track with Biofield Energy Therapy and Functional Nutrition Counseling. We believe in the power of a personalized approach, combining the concept of bio individuality with advanced biofield technology to restore overall balance and wellness. By addressing each individual's unique nutritional needs and applying targeted therapies, we empower our clients to achieve optimal health and live their lives to the fullest. Your health and wellness matter, and with a holistic approach and smart technology, we make it possible.

About the Owner:

Anita Kulesza is a Certified Functional Nutritional Counselor, Biofield Energy Therapist , Certified Health Coach, and Personal Trainer, driven by a profound sense of purpose and compassion. Despite holding a Paralegal degree, Anita's journey through her husband's cancer battle and her family's health challenges inspired her to delve deep into the realm of holistic health. Her dedication to understanding disease processes and promoting wellness is reflected in her commitment to educating and empowering others on their healing journeys. Anita's passion for Biofield Energy Therapy, sparked by her own transformative experiences, underscores her mission to serve and uplift the community. She shares her extensive knowledge and favorite products selflessly, ensuring her clients receive the best tools for a healthier lifestyle. Anita's story is a testament to resilience, dedication, and the power of holistic healing.

Wellness Wholistics

Wellness Wholistics is committed to helping clients restore their health using Biofield Energy Therapy and Functional Nutrition Counseling. We focus on a tailored approach, integrating personalized nutritional needs with state-of-the-art biofield technology to achieve balance and wellness. We are dedicated to empower clients to reach their optimal health and lead fulfilling lives through holistic care and advanced technology.

Bio Individuality & Biofield Therapy

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. Combining the concept of bio individuality with biofield technology, here at Wellness Wholistics, we help the body regain overall balance by addressing nutritional needs and applying targeted therapies to meet a person’s individual requirements.

Your Health & Wellness Matter

Maintaining optimal wellness is the key to living a higher quality life. By understanding what your body needs and helping it restore itself through healthy eating, detoxing, alleviating stress, strengthening the immune system, reducing sensitivities and physical discomfort, and addressing mental health and emotional well-being, you can achieve your full potential and enjoy life to the fullest. All of this is possible with a holistic approach and smart technology.

THERA Technology

THERA technology uses the body’s own healing signals as its primary mode of therapy for targeted application, allowing for highly customizable therapy to suit any individual needs. THERA technology utilizes the electromagnetic information emitted by the body, processing these signals through amplification, attenuation, or inversion, and separating the harmonious information from the non-harmonious one. Once processed, the signals are sent back to the body. This simple yet powerful process has a significant impact on the body’s regulatory system, stimulating therapeutic reactions.


BICOM Body Check2

Our evaluation process begins with the BICOM Body Check2, a simple, automated, and fast energetic analysis at the highest level. This tool provides a fast and concise analysis of the body’s energetic condition, offering an overview of imbalances and stresses. The findings from this analysis are integrated into a personalized THERA biofield energy therapy plan to address specific needs effectively.


Our THERA technology therapies are designed to be non-invasive, painless, effective, versatile, and comprehensive, suitable for both adults and kids. We offer a range of applications to address various health concerns:

  • Whole body detox
  • Physical discomfort
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Joint & muscle support
  • Emotional stability
  • Clearing negative emotions
  • Stress release
  • Mental acuity
  • Sleep improvement
  • Stress management
  • Immune support
  • Gut issues
  • Food & environmental sensitivities

Menu of Services

Initial Energetic Body Evaluation + 1st THERA Session – $160

Our initial service includes an energetic body analysis using the BICOM Body Check2, followed by an overview of the findings. This allows us to integrate the insights into a customized THERA plan. The first THERA session focuses on addressing energetic blockages and areas of concern, improving energy flow and facilitating balance restoration.

New Year, New You: Your Path to Wellness – $199

Unlock a path to holistic well-being with our special offer. Priced at $199 (valued at $300), this package includes:

  • Energetic Body Analysis on BBC2 to gain insights into your body’s energy patterns.
  • Personalized THERA Plan tailored to your unique needs.
  • First THERA Session addressing energetic blockages and rejuvenating your energy flow.
  • Wellness Mentorship offering guidance on health goals, diet, supplements, lifestyle habits, mindset, and spiritual practices.
  • A thoughtful surprise book to inspire and enrich your wellness journey.

Single THERA Session – $90

For clients seeking to experience THERA’s benefits without committing to multiple sessions, a single therapy session offers flexibility and convenience. Each session is tailored to meet your individual needs.

THERA – Transformation Package: A Journey to Renewed Vitality – $319

Our Transformation Package includes 4 THERA sessions, each designed to support your revitalization journey. This package provides sustained support and is tailored to meet your specific health goals.

Wellness Odyssey: The Path to Optimal Living – $599

For those committed to long-term well-being, our Wellness Odyssey offers 8 THERA sessions. This comprehensive package ensures sustained guidance and support on your journey to optimal living.

One-on-One Wellness Counseling – $120

Our One-on-One wellness counseling sessions provide a personalized approach to address your individual health concerns and goals. These sessions involve discussions about physical and emotional well-being, lifestyle habits, diet, supplements, and more, ensuring a holistic approach to your wellness journey.

My Thoughts:

Wellness Wholistics stands out as a unique and admirable business dedicated to holistic health. I am genuinely impressed by their comprehensive approach, which combines Biofield Energy Therapy and Functional Nutrition Counseling to address individual health needs. Their commitment to personalized care, recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, sets them apart in the wellness industry. The innovative use of BICOM Body Check2 for precise energetic analysis, coupled with their versatile and non-invasive THERA therapies, showcases their dedication to cutting-edge techniques and holistic healing. Wellness Wholistics’ mission to help clients regain balance and achieve optimal wellness is both inspiring and impactful, making it a standout business in the community.

Can Biofield Energy Therapy help with stress management at Wellness Wholistics?

Yes, Biofield Energy Therapy can help with stress management at Wellness Wholistics. Biofield Energy Therapy is designed to address emotional stability, clear negative emotions, and release stress, promoting a sense of calm and mental clarity. By focusing on the body's energy fields, Wellness Wholistics offers a non-invasive and effective solution for managing stress and improving overall well-being.

Is the BICOM Body Check2 analysis at Wellness Wholistics suitable for children?

Yes, the BICOM Body Check2 analysis at Wellness Wholistics is suitable for children. This non-invasive and painless method provides a fast and comprehensive analysis of a child's energetic condition, identifying imbalances and stresses. Wellness Wholistics integrates these findings into a personalized THERA biofield energy therapy plan, ensuring a tailored approach for each child's needs.

Do I need multiple sessions of THERA therapy at Wellness Wholistics to see results?

No, you do not need multiple sessions of THERA therapy at Wellness Wholistics to see results. However, a single session can provide noticeable benefits, but multiple sessions may enhance and sustain the effects. Wellness Wholistics offers various packages, from single sessions to comprehensive plans, to cater to different needs and goals, ensuring clients receive the optimal level of care for their wellness journey.