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Simply Cruising's Mission:

Our mission is to help students, residents, and vacationers explore our beautiful city with ease and style by providing flexible e-bike rentals and sales. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy Tempe’s scenic routes and vibrant neighborhoods in a fun, eco-friendly way. By offering a convenient meet-up spot right by the lake and various rental options, we ensure your adventure in Tempe starts smoothly and sustainably. Join us and experience the joy of discovery on two wheels! Let’s make every trip around Tempe an unforgettable adventure.

About the Owner:

Cody, an Arizona State University alumnus, has spent the last ten years infusing his passion for sustainable transportation into the heart of Tempe. As the enthusiastic owner of Simply Cruising, he offers both e-bike rentals and sales, catering especially to students and locals eager to experience the city's charm. Cody's commitment to eco-friendly exploration makes Simply Cruising the go-to spot for anyone looking to discover Tempe in a fun, environmentally responsible way. Whether you're cruising to class or exploring scenic routes, Cody ensures your journey is electrifying.

Simply Cruising

Welcome to Simply Cruising, where your journey through Tempe begins with the push of a pedal. Founded in 2024 by Cody, an ASU grad and Tempe enthusiast, we offer a unique and eco-friendly way to explore all that our city has to offer.

What We Offer

  • Flexible Rental Options: Choose from hourly, daily, or monthly e-bike rentals to suit your schedule and needs. Whether it’s a quick ride around campus or a month-long adventure, we have you covered.
  • E-Bike Sales: Ready to commit? Find the perfect e-bike to call your own and enjoy Tempe on your terms.
  • Convenient Meet-Up Location: Start your adventure effortlessly with our easy pick-up at the Tempe Marina parking lot, located right by the lake.

Who We Serve

  • Students: Need a quick, fun, and eco-friendly way to get around campus or explore the city? We’ve got you covered!
  • Residents: Enjoy Tempe’s scenic routes and vibrant neighborhoods like never before.
  • Vacationers: Discover all the hidden gems our beautiful city has to offer, effortlessly and in style.

Why We Do It

At Simply Cruising, our passion is to share the beauty and vibrancy of Tempe with everyone. We believe in promoting a sustainable, fun way to explore, which is why we offer e-bikes as the perfect solution for discovering new places, making commutes enjoyable, and reducing our carbon footprint.

Join Our Community

Experience Tempe like never before with Simply Cruising. We’re here to make your life easier, your adventures more exciting, and our city a little greener. Let’s ride, Tempe!

My Thoughts:

After exploring Simply Cruising, I am genuinely impressed by Cody’s initiative. This business stands out not only for its commitment to eco-friendly transportation but also for how it merges convenience with sustainability to enhance the vibrant life of Tempe. Whether providing students with quick rides around campus or offering tourists a unique way to explore, Simply Cruising tailors its services to a diverse clientele. The strategic meet-up point at Tempe Marina parking lot maximizes convenience, starting each journey amidst scenic views. Cody’s passion for sustainable travel and his efforts to reduce the carbon footprint through e-bike rentals resonate with me deeply, painting Simply Cruising as not just a business, but a cornerstone of community engagement and a beacon for a greener Tempe. For anyone in the city, whether visiting or residing, Simply Cruising is an opportunity to see Tempe from a fresh, enjoyable perspective.

Can I rent an e-bike for just an hour in Tempe?

YES, Simply Cruising offers hourly rentals. This flexible option is perfect for quick trips around the city or campus, allowing you to enjoy a brief ride without committing to a longer rental period.

Are there family discounts for e-bike rentals at Simply Cruising?

NO, currently Simply Cruising does not offer family discounts. However, our pricing is competitive, and we provide a range of rental options to accommodate different budgets and needs, ensuring everyone can enjoy exploring Tempe.

Is it necessary to book an e-bike rental in advance with Simply Cruising?

NO, advance booking is not required, but it is recommended, especially during peak seasons or weekends. Booking ahead ensures that your e-bike is ready when you arrive at our convenient meet-up location at Tempe Marina parking lot.