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Polish It Garage's Mission:

Polish-It Garage's mission is to deliver unparalleled auto detailing services that reflect our deep passion for cars and commitment to excellence. We strive to provide meticulous care to every vehicle while ensuring customer satisfaction through personalized service. As a locally owned business, we are dedicated to contributing positively to our community, fostering relationships that extend beyond the garage. Our goal is to make every client feel valued and every vehicle look its best, reinforcing our reputation as the go-to detailing experts in Tempe.

About the Owner:

Kenny Tyree, is the driving force behind Polish-It Garage in Tempe, Arizona. He has over 15 years of auto detailing expertise and a profound passion for automobiles to his locally owned business. Known for his meticulous attention to detail and exceptional customer service, Kenny has earned Polish-It Garage a stellar reputation, evident in its numerous five-star reviews. More than just a skilled professional, Kenny is deeply invested in his community, actively contributing to local initiatives and embodying the spirit of both an entrepreneur and a community leader. His dedication ensures that every vehicle and customer receives the utmost care, reflecting his commitment to both quality work and the Tempe community.

Polish It Garage

About Polish-It Garage

Polish-It Garage, led by the proficient Kenny Tyree with over 15 years of experience in auto detailing, exemplifies dedication and expertise in the heart of Tempe. This business distinguishes itself not just through its superior detailing services but also through its evident passion and meticulous attention to every detail.

Core Values

The foundation of Polish-It Garage rests on trust, quality, and community support. These values manifest in their commitment to employing only the finest products and techniques. The team’s approach to treating every vehicle as their own guarantees excellence in service and results. Their active participation in community initiatives further cements their status as a key local business, contributing positively to the Tempe area.

Services Offered

Polish-It Garage offers an extensive range of detailing services, from simple washes and waxes to advanced protective coatings such as XPEL PPF (Paint Protection Film) and XPEL Ceramic Coating. They also feature a convenient mobile detailing service, allowing the flexibility to receive high-quality detailing at your home or workplace, perfect for those with demanding schedules.

Why Consider Polish-It Garage?

Opting for Polish-It Garage means choosing a business that extends beyond ordinary detailing to deliver exceptional service and community value. Supporting this locally owned establishment not only ensures your vehicle receives professional care but also helps foster local economic growth. Their advanced mobile detailing capabilities, cutting-edge facility, and exceptional customer engagement make Polish-It Garage a top choice in Tempe for discerning vehicle owners.

My Thoughts:

Although I have not personally visited Polish-It Garage, the overwhelming positive feedback from the community and their reputation for quality and dedication speak volumes. The professionalism and comprehensive service menu promise a top-tier experience for anyone looking for premium auto care. Polish-It Garage stands out as a community-focused business dedicated to exceptional auto detailing and customer satisfaction.

What Services are offered by Polish-It Garage?

Polish-It Garage offers a wide range of services to take care of your vehicle. Their most popular services include the XPEL PPF Paint Protection Film, and the XPEL Ceramic Coating. They also offer mobile detailing, standard wash and wax, and a really cool airport service package.

Where is Polish-It Garage located?

Polish-it Garage is a car detailing business based in Tempe, AZ and they service all of the Valley with their incredible detailing services. For those that don't want to make the trip, they have mobile detailing services.

Is Polish-It Garage Locally Owned

Yes, Polish-It Garage is locally owned and operated. The owner is a Tempe resident who takes care of his community.