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Master Taco's Mission:

Master Taco's mission is to serve as a cornerstone in the community by providing a warm, welcoming space where locals can enjoy authentic Mexican comfort food. We are committed to preserving and celebrating the rich culinary traditions of Mexico, passed down through generations of Johanna’s family, while fostering a spirit of unity and support within the local area.

About the Owner:

Johanna, is the visionary of Master Taco, she has passionately nurtured her family's deep-rooted love for Mexican cuisine into a flourishing local enterprise. Master Taco has expanded to three locations across the valley, each echoing her commitment to authenticity and community engagement. Johanna's approach goes beyond serving food; she creates a vibrant community space where everyone feels welcome to share a meal and a story.

Master Taco

Master Taco has emerged as a cherished staple in the Phoenix valley, distinguished by its dedication to authentic Mexican comfort food and deep-rooted community ties. Across its three locations, Master Taco not only serves meals but also weaves the rich tapestry of Mexican culinary tradition into the fabric of local life.

The Founding Story

Conceived by Johanna and her family, Master Taco’s journey began in Surprise, Arizona, and expanded into Tempe and Sun City. This expansion reflects their unyielding passion for Mexican cuisine and their knack for creating a welcoming, communal atmosphere. Each restaurant serves as a canvas displaying the family’s generational recipes, each plate a celebration of heritage and culinary art.

Mission and Vision

At its core, Master Taco is dedicated to blending the enjoyment of fine, traditional Mexican food with the warmth of community spirit. The restaurants aim to be more than just dining places—they are community centers where people come together, sharing food and stories in a familial setting. Master Taco’s mission is deeply woven into each location, striving to nourish both body and community spirit.

Unique Selling Points

What truly sets Master Taco apart is its unwavering commitment to authenticity and its meticulous attention to culinary detail. The restaurants prioritize original family recipes and high-quality ingredients that stay true to Mexican traditions. Additionally, Johanna’s commitment to community involvement—actively supporting local events and charitable initiatives—positions Master Taco as a vital community supporter, not just a business.

Why Visit Master Taco?

For anyone looking for an authentic taste of Mexico or a warm place to gather, Master Taco is a must-visit. Each location offers a menu rich in variety and tradition, suitable for any meal of the day. Under Johanna’s leadership, Master Taco transcends the typical restaurant experience, creating a space where each visit feels like a homecoming. With dishes prepared with love and a setting that exudes hospitality, Master Taco invites all to partake in its vibrant community and culinary excellence.

My Thoughts:

While I haven’t personally visited Master Taco, the widespread acclaim and heartfelt reviews paint a vivid picture of what makes it special. It’s clear that Master Taco stands out in the Phoenix valley not just for its food, but for its commitment to community and authenticity. The stories of Johanna’s passionate leadership and the family’s dedication to Mexican culinary traditions suggest a dining experience that is both genuine and heartfelt.

The enthusiasm and loyalty of their customers, reflected in numerous glowing reviews, highlight the quality of the food and the warm, inclusive atmosphere. Each location seems to not just serve meals, but to foster a sense of community, making every guest feel like part of Johanna’s extended family. This commitment to creating a community hub around delicious, authentic Mexican food is what appears to draw people back time and again.

From what I gather, anyone looking for a taste of real Mexican cuisine and a slice of local culture would likely find Master Taco to be a delightful experience. Johanna and her family’s efforts to infuse each dish with traditional flavors and their dedication to the local community set Master Taco apart as a true embodiment of the spirit of Phoenix dining.

Where is Master Taco Located?

Master Taco has 3 different locations spread throughout the valley. Master Taco Surprise, AZ: 14291 W Grand Ave Suite #106, Surprise, AZ 85374, Master Taco Tempe, AZ: 1537 W Broadway Rd #105, Tempe, AZ 85282, Master Taco Sun City, AZ *NEW*: 13614 N 99th Ave, Sun City, AZ 85351

What type of food is Master Taco?

Master Taco offers Mexican style comfort food in Surprise, Tempe, and Sun City, Az. Their selection ranges from burritos to Chile Relleno and everything in between.

Does Master Taco have good food?

Yes, Master Taco is highly rated everywhere I look. The food is incredible and so is the value.