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Ascent Heating and Cooling's Mission:

Ascent Heating and Cooling's mission is to provide unparalleled HVAC services to the Phoenix, Arizona community, prioritizing innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Dedicated to enhancing the comfort of both residential and commercial spaces, Ascent employs the latest technology and expert techniques to ensure reliable and tailored heating and cooling solutions. Their commitment extends beyond service, fostering a culture of respect and support for military, fire, police personnel, and seniors, reflecting their core values of community and integrity.

About the Owner:

Barbara, a proud Phoenix native, is at the frontline of Ascent with over 20 years of management experience, primarily in the trade industry. Barbara excels in high-pressure environments. Her managerial acumen extends to overseeing a large team, including multiple managers, showcasing her knack for talent recruitment and team building. Barbara's leadership philosophy emphasizes servitude, respect, and loyalty, deeply valuing the well-being of her team and viewing the company as a supportive, nurturing space for all.

Ascent Heating and Cooling

Ascent Heating and Cooling, located in Arizona, offers a full spectrum of HVAC services tailored for both residential and commercial environments. Their offerings encompass everything from installation to maintenance and repairs, ensuring that every heating and cooling system operates at peak efficiency.

Expert Installation Services

For new installations, Ascent’s professionals are committed to helping clients choose the most suitable system for their homes or commercial properties. They focus on energy efficiency and budget, ensuring each installation is completed within the specified timeframe and meets all safety and quality standards.

Dedicated Repair and Maintenance

Ascent understands the complexities involved in HVAC repairs and employs the latest techniques and training to address these challenges effectively. Their maintenance services are designed to prevent significant issues, extend the system’s lifespan, and enhance its performance, thereby ensuring comfort and safety.

Community and Customer Focus

Recognizing the importance of community, Ascent offers discounts to military, fire, police personnel, and seniors. They are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, evidenced by their prompt responses and commitment to minimizing the impact on clients’ daily lives.

These dedicated services, combined with their commitment to quality and community support, make Ascent Heating and Cooling a trusted provider in Arizona’s HVAC industry.

My Thoughts:

Ascent Heating and Cooling is more than just a business in Arizona; it’s a lifeline during the scorching summer months. The company not only ensures that homes and offices are cool and comfortable, but in many ways, their efficient and reliable service saves lives by protecting residents from the intense AZ heat. Having spent time with the owner at various local networking events, I’ve seen firsthand the dedication and hard work she puts into not only her business but also the community. She is a dynamo in the local business scene, frequently organizing events that bring local entrepreneurs together. Her commitment to both her business and her community is nothing short of inspiring.

What types of HVAC services does Ascent offer?

Ascent Heating and Cooling provides comprehensive HVAC services including installation, repair, and maintenance for both residential and commercial systems.

Does Ascent Heating and Cooling offer any discounts?

Yes, Ascent offers a 10% discount on repairs for military, fire, police personnel, and seniors. This discount cannot be combined with other offers.

How does Ascent ensure quality in their HVAC services?

Ascent employs experienced technicians and uses the latest technology to ensure high-quality workmanship and efficient service, minimizing the impact on your home or business.